Transfer Application Form Doubts & Clarifications (FAQ)

Transfer Application Form FAQs

AP Teachers Transfer Application Form is active now. But several teachers getting lot of doubts while filling application form. Application Form submission last date has been extended to 16th of June 2017. Still lot of teachers have not submitted their application for request transfers and for compulsory transfers too. Rationalization process has not come to an end in several districts still now, that is why teachers are waiting to complete the process.

It is not yet known whether application form last date will be extended further or not. As per the latest schedule, teachers need to submit filled in application form by the end of 16th June 2017 by 11.59pm. The following are some of the frequently asked questions about Teachers Transfer Application Form. As  per G.O, MDM points are allotted only to Head Masters of the institution.

1. My DOB is wrong
Please approach DEO office for updating your DOB in TIS
2. SSC % shown is wrong
Data is updated now, please recheck.
3. Transition % is wrong
Transition % is calculated based on UDISE data submitted
4. The total points mentioned is not correct
Please update your Firefox browser to latest version. Don’t use your android/ios mobile phones for application.
5. My details are not found
Please approach DEO office for adding your details
6. My Treasury ID mentioned is wrong
Treasury ID update will be approved through District IT team alone
7. Neighboring district spouse not allowed
There is no such validation, please recheck.

8. Any clarification on Rationalization
Please approach DEO office
9. Upload certificate is not working
Please upload once reference ID is generated
10. Any clarification on entitlement points
Please approach MEO/DYEO office
11. Who will get MDM points
MDM points are only for HM as per Government Orders.
12. My CCE/3R marks are reflecting correct
They are considered prior to the issue of GO on 05.06.2017
13. Are SA3 marks not considered for points
No, SA3 marks are not considered
14. Class, Subject for SGTs are not enabled
They are now enabled, please recheck.

Teachers need to download the submitted transfer application form and have to submit the same to the head of the departments along with relevant certificates. Teachers who seek transfers under preferential categories need to submit concerned certificates along with downloaded transfer application form.

AP Teachers Transfer Application Form Download

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  1. 2015 lo badili aina lptlaku prastuta badililalo rationalisation dwara badili site old points eligibility vastunda rada clarify cheyagzlaru.

  2. 2015 lo badili aina lptlaku prastuta badililalo rationalisation dwara badili site old points eligibility vastunda rada clarify cheyagzlaru.

  3. My first posting is in Govt. School
    Now I am working in ZP high school, As in the Teacher transfer application form, it is asked whether am I interested in going to first posting school. If I opted for it can I choose ZP schools too along with govt. schools.
    Pls, respond as soon as possible.

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