G.O Rt.No.318 Dated 06.05.2017 AP Medical Health Transfers Guidelines

AP Medical Health Transfers Guidelines

AP Medical Health Transfers Guidelines G.O Rt.No.318 Dated 6.05.2017 is released. AP State Medical and Health Department Employees will be transferred as per prescribed guidelines and schedule. Medical health employees need to apply online for Health Transfers. Official G.O regarding M&H Employees Transfers Procedure, General Guidelines and schedule was released today.

All employees who have completed three years and requesting for transfers should submit their application online.

G.O Rt.No.318 Dated 6.05.2017

HM&FW – Guidelines for transfer of Employees in HM&FW Department – Orders – Issued


G.O Rt.No.318 Dated 06.05.2017 AP Medical Health Transfers GuidelinesIn the G.O. read above, orders have been issued relaxing ban on transfer of employees, accordingly in order to ensure transparent procedure to effect the transfers in HM & FW Department provide “equitable opportunity” to all staff members, the following guidelines and procedures are issued for strict compliance


AP Medical Health Transfers Guidelines as per G.O Rt.No.318 Dated 6.05.2017 are as follows

1. All transfer and postings should be made through online procedure and based on the preferences given by the employees.
2. No TTA / joining time etc., shall be granted in case of request transfers.
3. The transfers should not violate the six point formula, as notified in G.O.Ms.No.610, G.A. (SPF.A) Dept., dt.30-12-1985, and as amended from time to time.
4. The employees who are retiring on or before 31st March, 2018 shall not be transferred except in public interest. The standing instructions on the transfers of office bearers of recognized Employees Associations as issued in Circular Memo. No.245/SW/A1/2014-1, G.A. (SW) Dept., dated 16.09.2014 and also Cir. Memo. No.17225/SW/A1/2014-1 of G.A. (SW) Dept., dated 27.09.2014 will apply.
5. The visually challenged employees are exempted from transfers except when they make a specific request for transfer. As far as possible, these categories of employees may be posted at a place of their choice subject to availability of a clear vacancy.
6. Transfer and posting of specialist doctors shall be strictly to the specialist post to which they belong. Specialists shall not be posted in any post earmarked for a different specialty all specialist doctors should be placed only in secondary and tertiary institutions.

7. Mis-match postings are strictly prohibited. There shall be no doctor working in mismatch posts in any medical institution.
8. While effecting the transfers, competent authority shall give priority as follows:
a.Longest standing employee downwards.
b.Employee working in the institutions located in ITDA areas.
c.Employees with disability of 40% or more as certified by a competent authority as per “Persons with Disabilities” Act 1995.
d.Employees having mentally challenged children can be transferred to a place where medical facilities are available.
e.Medical grounds for the diseases viz of Cancer, Open Heart Operations, Neuro Surgical Operations, Kidney Transplantation can be transferred to places where such facilities are available. The medical condition should be either self or spouse or dependent children or dependent parents.
f.The employees who are retiring within one year shall not be transferred.
g.The employees who are to be promoted during the panel year shall not be disturbed.

Download AP Medical Health Transfers Guidelines G.O Rt.No.318 Dated 6.05.2017 for detailed information. This G.O Rt.No.318 Dated 6.05.2017 is available online at http://goir.ap.gov.in website

Download AP Medical Health Transfers Guidelines G.O Rt.No.318

AP Medical Health Transfers Guidelines


  1. Spouse certificate misuse avuthundi sir spouse unnachota kakunda veelaki kavalisina chota vadukuntunaru sir

    • Sir,Health transfers 20% is not useful to the employees who is long standing 10years in remote rural areas,willing to transfer to focal area.(nonfocal to focal ).20% is useful for emplyees of (guntur,ongole,nellore)cities,eventhough they completed 5years of service.they are not in 20%list?)So please put 40% or compulsory transfer who completed 5years service.


  3. I am in 20 percent longstanding list. Am I compulsory apply for transfer or need not to apply for transfer.. Please clarify…

  4. sir iam ARUNA iam working rims hospital STAFF NURSE i have got DEPUTATION CHC P.KOTHA KOTA today iam not happy i have some problem so plz give me PALASAMUDRAM duty plz give me sir nenu ikkada duty cheyyalekunna plz nannu palasamudram ku deputation cheyandi,LEDA TRANSFER CHEYANDI LEDA RIMS PAMPANDI plz sir evvariki cheppakandi plz sir SIR PLEASE CANCELLED ALL DEPUTITIONS EXAMPLE:DOCTORS,STAFFNURSES,TEACHERS,ELECTRICALS ALL DEPARTMENTS PLZ CANCELLED ALL THEY DO FAKE ALL CERTIFICATES PLZ SEND DETAILS ANY ONE DEO SIR R ANY ONE

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